(a)    To become a voting member of the organization and be eligible to sit on a Sub-committee or the Management Committee, a person must pay a one off joining fee and a yearly membership fee. See ‘membership fees’ for further detail.

(b)    Membership of the Organisation is open to all people men, women, children, those of mixed blood or marriage, old and young, all religions even those from different countries.

Registration of membership of the Organisation

(a)    All members over the age of 18 need to complete a membership form,

(b)    Members under the age of 18:

            (i)    Can be registered under their parent or care givers membership, 


          (ii)    Require parental/guardian permission to join

(c)    Members sign that they accept and will abide by the rules and constitution of the Organisation.

(d)    Membership enrolment can occur at any time during the year.

(e)    Membership applications must be given to the secretary of the Organisation as soon as possible from time of lodgement.

(f)     Once an application for membership is received and the membership fees are paid, an applicants name is entered on the list of members of the Organisation and the person becomes a financial member of the General Assembly. They are then eligible to sit on Sub- committees and the Management Committee.

(g)    Membership is valid for a period of 1 year.

 Membership fees

(a)    The joining fee of the Organisation is $1 per individual being registered. This is only to be paid once and is valid for the lifetime of the individual.


(b)    The annual membership fee for single people is $2 per individual to be paid once a year.


(c)    Family membership fee is $2 per individual family member who can vote at General Assembly meetings.


(d)    The amount of the membership fee can be altered by the Management Committee at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) or Special Meeting.

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